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[ x z o o m p r o j e c t ] was started in late 2014 by two graduated and experienced architects, passionate about architecture and design.

Our mission is to deliver a luxury handcrafted service to the every part of the world. Perfectly custom fitted and with a personal touch.

It's a family business from two professionals. With no side employees, we have a possibility to fully dedicate ourselves to the project and keep control of every small detail we do. We leave a little part of our soul and heart with every project we do. To keep the highest level of service quality. As a result, our clients are happy with their expectations:

Being oriented mostly on individual customers, we also participate in large real estate development projects. We were proud to work with the following brands:

During this period we accumulated a huge knowledge of local regulations, national traditions and design specialities. For almost all regions like USA, Sudi Arabia, Switzerland, Kuwait and many others. We are proud of more than 220 projects that were already delivered to more than 50 countries all over the world:

Map with our projects

To lead to success with distant projects we designed a unique workflow to keep the process smooth and let you control the progress at every step. Please read more in HOW IT WORKS section.

We are happy to see you among our clients. Just fill a form below and let's start!

Best regards, Kirill&Victoria.


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